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Happy Thursday!

I hope you are all doing well! 


Science and STEM-fest: 

Science fair and Stem-fest is quickly approaching! 

Here are some details so everyone is on the same page. Please email me if you have any questions or concerns as it gets closer. Also, thank you for being patient with me as the pandemic has made the planning different from the norm!



Science fair will take place on Friday, February 5 during the school day. Students are required to complete slides INSTEAD OF A BOARD this year. I apologize for the miscommunication about this. Whether you are an in-person student or a home-based student your project will be in the form of slides. A template has been provided for you in Google Classroom as an assignment to type in with specific directions of what is needed on each slide. In order to have a fluid, seamless day on Science Fair Day, students will need to present their slides during class. This will take place on Tuesday, February 2. 

Here are the key dates to be aware of: 


  • Tuesday, February 2: Science Fair Presentation during class
  • Friday, February 5: Science Fair/ Stem-fest! 




Here is a fresh reminder of all the rules for their projects which have been posted on the website. 


  • Design an alternative fuel rocket using recyclable materials that can lift the most weight and can remain airborne for at least 5 seconds.
  • Alternative fuels only , No Fossil Fuels, No potassium nitrates.
  • Recyclable materials Only
  • Must remain in air for 5 seconds or longer
  • Must carry the heaviest payload, payload should be part of the rocket build.  (weight of rocket will be used as weight)
  • Must be hand made, kits are not permitted.

The Ejectafier

  • Design and build a catapult with the greatest accuracy.
  • Baseball will be provided at the festival.
  • Target will be 15 feet from the start line.
  • Ejectafier is allowed 5 attempts to hit the target.


  • Design and build the strongest container to protect an egg.
  • Egg will be provided at the festival.
  • Size is limited to 12 inches; this includes all aspects of the container.
  • Container must have an egg loading door.
  • Must be hand made, kits are not permitted.


Students do not need to bring their projects in until Friday, February 5 for the STEM-fest. 

*HOME BASED STEM: You have two options for Stem-fest if you are virtual:

  1. Drop off your project at the front office with your name on it and we will test it for you. Make sure you tune in to the livestream on Feb 5 so you can gather data for your project!
  2. Record a video of you testing out your project from home. Email that video to ckasperson@santancharterschool.com

Both options will be accepted. 


STEM competitions will be held at school and streamed live for parents to watch. Students will report to the football field in small groups to compete with their STEM builds. Awards will be handed out at the festival.

           8:30 am – Junior High @ Power Campus

           10:30 am – High School @ Power Campus

           1:30 pm – 6th Grade @ Recker Campus


Here is the link to the website which is a one-stop-shop for all of your Science Fair or STEM questions!


What We are Learning: 

7th Grade: Students have started by learning about static electricity! Next week they will learn about electric circuits!


8th Grade: Students have just started learning about properties and states of matter. Next week they will learn about elements!


Psychology: Students have been learning about Operant Conditioning and are completing a project finding examples in television, movies, and commercials!


Forensics: Students have been learning about blood types. Next week they will learn more about how blood can be used to solve crimes. 


Inspiring Quote:  

“The time is always right to do what is right.” Martin Luther King Jr