Kasperson Week 22!

 In Forensics, Psychology, Science - 7th Grade, Science - 8th Grade

Science and STEM-fest: 

Science fair and Stem-fest is quickly approaching! 

Here are some key dates that are specific to my junior high classes to ensure the students are prepared:

    • Wednesday, January 20: Students need to have already tested out their projects at home/completed their science fair project with their partners.


  • Thursday, January 21: Students will be writing their papers IN CLASS. 
  • Friday, January 22: Student’s rough drafts of their reports will be due. They will have this day in class to work. 
  • Friday, February 5: Science Fair/ Stem-fest! 



Here is the link to the website which is a one-stop-shop for all of your Science Fair or STEM questions!


What We are Learning: 

7th Grade: Students have finished their unit on Past Plate Motions and will be starting a unit about electricity, magnetism, and gravity!


8th Grade: Students have just started a unit about chemistry! They are learning about properties of matter!


Psychology: Students have been learning about classical conditioning and will be learning about Operant Conditioning. 


Forensics: Students have been learning about fingerprints and will learn about blood next week! (Don’t worry, we will not be dealing with real blood!) 


Inspiring Quote:  

“Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it?” – L.M Montgomery